Sunday, August 30, 2009

More September Planning

I realized I want a master list of all events happening in September, not just the liturgical stuff. Also I need to put the actual day of the week down because that helps in planning things out. So here's the full list:

Thursday, September 3 – St Gregory the Great – read about and do copy work perhaps? Need to find a good quote or two!

Monday, September 7 - Labor Day - Rick might take off.

Tuesday, September 8 – Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday – Homeschool group picnic and cupcake rosary.

Wednesday, September 9 – St. Peter Claver – read or tell a story about him – find Colombia on globe.

Saturday, September 12 - Teacher training for RE.

Monday, September 14 - 1) Paula's Birthday! 2) Sean's piano lessons start up again.

Thursday, September 17 – St. Robert Bellarmine - He defended Galileo so maybe star gaze? Learn something about our solar system?

Friday, September 18 – 1) St. Joseph of Cupertino – learning about flying??? Make paper airplanes??? 2) Also Rosh Hashanah!!! Make traditional meal to celebrate New Year. (Probably have Grandad over on Sat or Sunday to celebrate) 3) First tennis classes 4) Will plays Beatles concert

Sunday, September 20 - The Barber of Seville @ 2:00 p.m.

Monday, September 21 – 1) St. Andrew and St. Paul and Korean Martyrs – read about them and locate Korea on globe. 2) First day of RE.

Wednesday, September 23 - First day of drawing lessons for Sean and Becky.

Sunday, September 27 – St. Vincent de Paul – watch Monsieur Vincent; Also it's Yom Kippur!!! –read about it.

Monday, September 28 – St Wenceslaus – read about him – find Bohemia (Germany) on map.

Tuesday, September 29 – Michaelmas – Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels. Make/buy angel food cake, cover with blackberries and whip cream! Make and light three white candles for the day.

Wednesday, September 30 - St. Jerome – annual reading of picture book by Margaret Hodges about St. Jerome.

Friday, Oct. 2nd – 1) Sukkot – clean and decorate backyard fort, eat at least first meal of Sukkot out there.

Saturday, Oct 3 - Will takes the SAT.

Monday, Oct 5 - Rick's birthday! Gotta start thinking now!

Things that are still missing from this list: Latin class - no info from teacher yet. I hope everything is still on and she's just late and waiting until after Labor day. Perhaps I should e-mail her. Also I don't know when Will's piano lessons will start and I need to look into violin lessons for Becky. Don't know when clubs will start up again either. Gotta work on that. Also, I need to sign Becky and Sean up for the homeschoolers gymnastics class. I'll ask L. about that today.

This coming week - 8/31 - 9/3 - I think we'll start up our LCC schedule somewhat. For Becky and Sean I think I'll start our read aloud regime again: Monday - Christian Studies (Bible History), Wednesday - Ancient Studies (Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green), Thursday - American Studies (Carry on, Mr Bowditch will be our new book), Friday - Science/Nature (Life in a Bucket of Soil - maybe we'll make that wormery Becky wanted to make last spring!). I'm skipping Tuesdays because hopefully very soon we'll have Latin class that morning.

I think we'll also try to finish up our Code Cracker workbook and review a little Latin at least once or twice. Also, I think we'll slowly start into math.

For Will and Josh - I'm thinking maybe Josh should start up his Algebra II and Earth Science lessons this week. Will has already started his CC Music Theory. He has to spend September getting ready for the SAT, so he should start that now as well. Maybe one time this week we'll meet and discuss our Ancient Studies program and prepare for that. And maybe we'll also begin reading Paul's Epistles at least once this week. Also I'd like to watch a couple more lectures on How to be a Superstar Student.

September is always a bit overwhelming and heady because we go from summer low tide to fall high tide, but it is exhilarating too. At least for me, I get so tired of summer's idleness.

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