Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Journal 11/10

Got up too early. Whiled away morning doing a little bits of business type stuff and a lot of unnecessary stuff! Very tired!

S remixed theme song of comic his friend came up with.

B played with her dolls and stuff animals. There was a wedding and for some reason B was the one dressing up in a white veil with bouquet of flowers.

Both watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb.

W got up early and went to Mass. He also at some point in the morning came up with a plan for what he is going to do every day between now and audition day.

J took his church history test and read Confessions.


On most Wednesdays, another teen comes over to study history and lit with Josh and me. She hadn't gotten much done though over the past week so we just reviewed the study questions in Ch 3 of The History of the Church. We also went through Einnarsson's Classical Language Art section of phrases other than prepositional, that is participial and infinitive phrases. We also planned what to do for the next few classes. The kids are going to write a short research paper based on suggestion in study guide.

B and S played outside a lot. Beautiful fall day.

Talked to H on phone. She got all her packages. It is her birthday today!

W went to music tutor.

B went to VT I ran to library to get out books to possibly entice S into reading more. Got two audios for B.

Brought back S's friend Joe. They've been riding bikes. I take friend home after dinner when taking J to CLC.

J is working on math.

B is having fun playing computer games.

After dinner took Joe home and J too his CLC.

W saw a mouse in his room!

Read next ch. of Story of the Romans about road building to S and B

R is reading Lloyd Alexander book to S.

Read more Jo's Boys to B.

J came home and did more math.

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