Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Journal 11/9/10

Got up, got breakfast

Went to Latin with Josh

B and S went to art class - learned about drawing cubes!

Lunch at chick fil a.

Took J to Biology lab where he dissected a cow's eyeball!

B did two problems on adding with lists of double digit numbers.

S did long division with answer with mixed numbers

B and S went play at friends house. B and her friend ran around a lot outside and played with dolls. S and his friend sat outside on picnic table and made up and drew cartoons.

J read from new quote book.


J read more Church history

R came home for dinner early to pick up car from shop.

W finished listening to The Man Who Was Thursday on audio.

Had sloppy Joes for dinner.

Watched Jeopardy after dinner and then next unit in Discovering Music on Salons, Poetry and the Power of Song. Neat stuff.

Read the story of Tarquin and the Eagle to B and S.

J worked more on history.

W and R went to get car

B likes playing with etch a sketch on R's ipad.

Read more Jo's Boys to B.

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