Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Journal 11/11

Got up with headache. Nursed headache til it went away.

Still a good morning:

Read about St. Martin of Tours to B and S.

B and S did cursive

B did two addition problems and an expanded notation.

S did page in Ch. 26 review of imp. present, future to be translation.

B did lesson 22 in GWL - D.O. in Latin nauta or nautam.

S and B also looked at videos of foxes and their sounds on youtube (we've got foxes out back) and also some pampaloosa youtube videos.

J got himself up and finished up his math homework. Took a couple hours.

W practiced lots of piano and guitar.

W read Gilbert! magazine.

B read the text of a long game on One More Level called the The Red Button. It's a silly game where you keep clicking the red button while text pops up telling you not to click it. It gets sillier and sillier. B read A LOT of it with some help from me.

Took W to metro to go to piano lesson and J to Algebra tutor.

S did his math while I was gone!!!! I'm amazed!

B and S also got really into reading the Guiness Book of World records.

Sent them outside to play on this beautiful fall day.

S and W left after early dinner to go see Steve Reich in concert.

B played computers games on PBS kids.

J did his Biology homework.

Read B more Jo's Boys.

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