Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Journal 11/8/10

Woke really early because of time change, did laundry, ran dishwasher, fed pets, surfed net, made coffee, worked on NaNoWriMo novel.

S woke at 7, played on computer (what tho????)

B woke, B and R had breakfast together (R had bagel and oj, B just some hot cocoa I made her.)

Cajoled S into taking shower.

R got W up to take car to shop.

B asked me to read Jo's Boys to her. Read a ch.

J woke up still had cold and his eyes are all red and goopy.

Took shower while B and S were working on cursive handwriting from their books.


W came back and practiced guitar

Read Bible History about Joel and Micah to B and S

S read next ch. in St. Patrick's Catechism

Cajoled J into taking shower.

J did his laundry then read some Church history

Did some math with B Saxon 5/4 lesson 16

S did p. in Latin workbook reviewing preposition vocabulary and present, imp. and future tenses of esse.

S did mixed practice in Lesson 25 in 7/6. Slow going, she was getting hungry.

B and I did Lesson 22 in GSWL on direct objects. She got it!

W made himself a ham & cheese sub, J ate leftover pizza (his favorite!), S had tuna w/crackers, B had fried baloney. I ate leftover chicken and mashed potatoes. Mealtime is like herding cats!

B has been playing with paper airplanes since All Saints Party, making different ones and seeing which flew the best. She and S had a contest and declared winners.

B has been busy making nice little homes for a particular baby doll and just generally playing doll and making her clothes out of old dolls clothes or hand me downs or rags.

S found a cool website that has a complicated drum machine that he's been exploring.

J and I did more Latin homework. Still have one more paragraph to translate but this has been fun!

Cleaners are here. I love my cleaners!

B got herself ready for American Heritage Girls 2 hours early!

B found a pretty card for H and wrote Happy Birthday to her in it in cursive.

S was fooling around on the guitar

B and S started playing around on the computer. We all kind of run and hide when the cleaners get here

J is really into tvtropes website which he's been reading a lot lately.

W worked on his Life Purpose workbook for CollegePlus. He kind of finds it bogus so he's been dragging his feet on it.

W watched Talking Heads live in Rome video.

W had call with counselor from CollegePlus @ 2:45

Made chicken Parmesan, ran off to American Heritage Girls with B. J took out of oven for me.

AHG was so much fun, nature study, learning the oath and creed, singing, playing games.

J worked on math and read more church history

W read this new book of quotes granddad's friend gave him this weekend.

S chatted with his friend Jack.

W and S watched the Simpsons.

during dinner S and W gave us history of different videogames and different creators like Tim Schaeffer and Dave Grossman. This segued into S giving the other kids acting lessons he learned from his acting camp this summer.

J dismissed himself from the melee and went back to work on either math or history.

I read about the Horatii and Curiatii from The Story of the Romans to B and S

Read Jo's Boys to B.

J stayed up to 11:45 doing Biology.

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