Monday, November 29, 2010

Journal 11/29/10

People slept in quite a bit. Recovering from Thanksgiving holidays!

S got up and went to watch Fred Newman videos on youtube. Perfecting his trumpet sounds!

B got up and immediately opened up two Advent calendars. The Latin words for today is Nox - night.

I started new read aloud Little Apostle on Crutches - only got a couple pages in.

J got up took a shower and did laundry and ate breakfast.

For morning reading time - Becky read the whole Mini page from the Wash Post. This was amazing as she just started independently reading last week! She even did the word search, an activity she's avoided up until now! J helped a bit with the word search.

S - read next chapter in Li Lun.

S - read next chapter in St. Patrick's Summer Catechism about Abraham and Isaac

B played on funbrain for a little bit.

J read Church history but he was reading it in bed and fell asleep!

S drew a little then practiced beatboxing and mouth sounds on the microphone downstairs.

I read B some of the ideas from the Unjournaling book. She liked the sentence that was the same forwards and backwards and copied that over on her own initiative and then showed it to S.

W came upstairs and practiced on the piano for quite some time.

I put on Christian Heritage Art Curriculum dvd to look at lesson on Medieval Illuminations. I had wanted to do that for a few weeks, ever since we saw that movie on the Book of Kells. But I suddenly remember to do it this morning. S came in and watched a bit. Then asked me to go to the modern art lesson. It was on Cezanne and seeing geometric shapes in landscapes.

B has been obsessing on the Toys R Us flyers from the Sunday newspaper. S and B spent a long time during lunch poring over them. They were playing their gurgle twins game. They pretend they are twins and speak to each other in their 'gurgle twin' voices. They were pretending that dollar symbols were really cents symbols and that they only had a 50 cent budget. Then they were comparing prices of toys this way and doing all kinds of addition and multiplication problems in their heads while playing. If you were going to look up 'unschooling math' in some guidebook somewhere, you'd have seen their picture there!!!!!

B and I started looking through the book How Math Works. I got this book off the shelf where it has been for a few years! We looked at various projects most of which we didn't really understand or we recognized from watching Zoom and Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, (we concluded these shows are very educational!) B got inspired to make a paper doll chain from the project on symmetry.

B and S went to play on their bikes.

J still working on Church History. I believe he's been very half-hearted about this all day!

W had call with Collegeplus @ 2:45.

I've been trying to do Latin homework but having a terrible time concentrating. What is wrong with me. It is not sticking at all!

B and S listened to songs on computer.

J and I studied Latin. J worked diligently on that. We can't remember if we are having a test! Ahg!

W, S, B and I decide to go to the Holiday stroll our little town has. We've never been before. J elects to stay home. They close off the little street that parallels the main street. All the shops are open late. They had a mini petting zoo which S and b liked: mostly mother and child, like mamma llama, baby llama, mamma cow, baby calf, mamma goat with two of the most darling baby goats ever. A donkey and two sheep, some rabbits and a hen with two baby chicks.

They also had a stage with a bunch of kids up on it singing pseudo 'holiday' songs. People had little grills fired up and you could go toast marshmellows over them. Lots of free coffee and popcorn. We went into the toy store (our very favorite toystore which we frequent anyway) and S bought a little gift for his friend and B bought a little gift for J. W disappeared long before this to go eat dinner. Santa came down the street on a fire engine. We didn't really complete the stroll, there may have been more to see but we got hungry and decided to look for a place to eat a real dinner. We cut through an alley and discovered a Cornish Pasty shop, brand new! I thought they were delicious but B didn't like hers. I got a cheese, potato and onion one.

B got really into wrapping her present for J and then making presents. She mad something for H (more paper dolls) and then something else for W (though I don't think I know what that was).

Came home and read some more David Copperfield out loud to everyone. J and I did more Latin. R read more Westmark to B and S.

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