Saturday, July 5, 2008


I realized that I had never ordered a new Catholic Woman's Planner for this coming school year. I felt a little defeated because I realize I haven't actually used the Planner since maybe January. So I did some deep thinking about exactly what I want in a planner. I like the Catholic Woman's Planner a lot, mostly because it has all the saint's days listed. But there was a lot that didn't work for me either. I got the big three hole punch to put in my binder, but I never used it. What I really need is something I can carry around in my purse. But the binding on the smaller purse-sized planner didn't look like it would hold up to lots of abuse. I wanted something sturdy and bound. So I went to Melissa Wiley's old post on planners and saw her mention MomAgenda. I looked into that and it looks like what I need, sans all the saints days and prayer intentions. I discovered that a nice stationery store in our town carried the MomAgenda planner so I had a nice little shopping trip this a.m. to check them out. I bought one! Bright green so I'll be able to find it in my purse. I also bought a family weekly schedule planner that goes on the fridge.

So here's my new system:

Use MomAgenda in my purse as the master planner. This will work better than having that big binder planner. I never brought it with me anywhere so I'd always make appointments when I was out and then would have to remember somehow to put it in the planner which I never did. Instead I'd write it on the calendar over my desk but the calendar is too small to actually write more than one appt on it. The MomAgenda has room for lots more, plus it lists all the holidays including Jewish ones. For the Catholic planner, I'd have just the Catholic stuff but not the Jewish and since we do both, it was kind of annoying. The MomAgenda is bound really well. It's beautiful and looks like it will take lots of pounding. It's got room for listing birthdays and addresses and notes.

I am going to get a Catholic calendar to hang in the area above my desk and next to my bookcase. The Catholic calendar will tell me all the saints days. That is right where I need it. I can just glance at it and then look in the bookshelf at one of my several saints books, so I'll be able to read a saints biography out loud at breakfast very easily.

Weekly Family Schedule - this pad that's on the fridge looks like a great management tool. Each week I'll write out all our appts, events, etc. That way I won't be always explaining to people what's happening. They'll be able to look themselves and see. They can write up their own appts etc too. And I won't forget appts because I'm trying to keep it all in my head.

I think this system could work! I'm feeling hopeful!

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