Sunday, July 6, 2008

School Plans

Well, since I re-read the Latin Centered Curriculum in March, I've been swinging away from full unschooling and towards focusing on learning the basics (English, Latin, Math) a la LCC with lots of great read alouds and free time to pursue passions.

So in the sidebar here I've listed our plans (subject to change). Hannah and Will never wanted to unschool to begin with. Josh is enrolled with Kolbe for next year, in preparation for possibly attending the classical high school near here. So I'm really only doing LCC with Sean and Becky. They've got English, Math and Latin plus our Friday Co-op (if that ever comes to fruition).

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The Bookworm said...

That was largely what I ended up doing with my two olders before they started school (although R did French rather than Latin). I really must get round to reading the Latin Centred Curriculum.