Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

Hmm. This blog has been deserted for months. Think I'll start journaling again.

Got up at 6 a.m. with B waking me saying she'd had a nightmare. I got up and she did too. Came downstairs, took care of Tillie, made B an English muffin. B curled up on the couch under a blanket and watched Between the Lions while I checked e-mail. Couldn't convince her to go to Adoration with me, so I went alone. Only stayed about 20 minutes but did some praying. I've been so dry in the praying department lately, so it did my soul good to make the effort.

Went to the grocery store and bought stuff for breakfast and also lots of stuff for cookout tonight.

Came home and made bacon and eggs. S was up as well as B. Grandad came up from the guestroom in the basement. He's staying with us since Grandma died. Fed him breakfast too. Got him a jigsaw puzzle to work on. Poor man is so sad. My heart aches for him.

As soon as Rick got out of shower I hopped in (but read some more of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Eva died!). Then took Rick's car (mine was out of gas) and went to pick up J. He spent the night at M's. Had nice chat with I and her mother and R. whom I had not seen in many months but who happened to be over at the time.

Came home, did laundry. Rick took grandad and all the kids to see Wall E. Actually H just went out to lunch with them. She had an job interview at Starbucks at 4 so couldn't stay for the movie.

I've been putzing around the internet for too long, feeling very lazy. I must clean the kitchen (still messy from breakfast) and start making prep for cookout. It is very overcast and anyway we are too sad to really celebrate the 4th. I really don't feel in spirit at all. Can we just cancel the holiday for now?

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