Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Organization

Yesterday, I tried to fight my ennui and get organzing on my desk which was a mess!

Got rid of the 'in box' that was just an excuse to pile stuff a mile high instead of putting things away. Yea!!!! Liberation!

Instead I went to the Container Store and picked up a pretty bamboo file box and some hanging files. I made up a file for each of the following: the kids each got one, H, W, J, S & B. The pets got one folder, businesses (like receipts, cards etc) got one file, and one file is entitled "of interest" that is for stuff that doesn't fit into any other category but I still want to keep on hand. I also made a file for each of the things I'm involved in for the fall: Blue Knights, Co-op and the High School American Studies class.

I also got a mail holder. It holds the envelops vertically and will only hold so much. So I figure this will help me to go through the mail on a weekly basis to keep down paper clutter.

I also got a bookend and I've put my Household Management Binder and homeschool catalogues there.

Now all I need is for Rick to fix my laptop. He keeps trying and it keeps breaking again. I think its gone. It gets so hot so quickly. Also, he got me my own printer which is small and will fit on the counter next to my desk, so no more writing something at my desk and then having to find a working printer to print stuff.

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