Wednesday, July 23, 2008

St. John Bosco

I have spent all morning (practically) trying to figure out how to make a blog list here. I think I succeeded. I am really pathetically non-techno and nobody is here to help me. So all morning I've been working away ignoring my puppy, my house, my older children. (the older children don't care though because they are busy sleeping in). My younger children however are out at their music camp so at least I didn't have worry about them. If they were here I wouldn't be able to focus at all, since I need to use every single brain cell I can muster to try and figure this stuff out.

Anyway, I've decided this year to make St. John Bosco the patron saint of our homeschool. I think Willa always starts off each year devoted to a different saint. I've always thought of St. Thomas Aquinas as our overall homeschooling patron saint so I hope he isn't insulted if I want to particularly ask the blessings of St. John Bosco for 2008-2009.

St. John Bosco has been popping up a lot in the unschooling Catholic world, thanks mostly to Leonie at Living Without School. She inspired me to go on line and read some of his letters and about his life. Then earlier this summer I read the Vision book about him to the younger kids.

And I really like the quote I've made my little tag line.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I thought it was you! Even before I saw the name...

You never even told me, you stealth blogger, you.

And I'm waiting for pics of your fridge. C'mon - all the cool kids are doing it!

Rachel said...


Great name for the blog. I love it!

Rachel (from unschoolingcatholics at yahoo)

Leonie said...

So, how is your reading about St John Bosco? He is my parenting/homeschooling mentor.