Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 1/17

R left for CA business trip at 6:30 a.m.

I got up and putzed around on internet. Tidied up family room and kitchen somewhat. Took a shower, got everyone up at 8:30. Made bacon and eggs and said rosary which kids joined in for the last 3 decades. J however had breakfast in the dining room trying to finish up his homework. W took worked on his math. I don't think either of them had quite finished by the time the tutor came.

Sean is very into learning how to shuffle cards and making card houses.

Started snowing really hard. H went to library, says she can't focus at home, but I called her after an hour because the snow looked so heavy.

B and S watched Electric Co. dvd while I registered J and B for summer camp. J and W met with math tutor. After math, J practiced guitar some and then read the Guinness Book of World Records that we got for Christmas.

Went downstairs with B and S. S copied over a little poem; we reviewed new spelling words, also reviewed a bit of punctuation. B read a little out of Ordinary Parent's Guide to reading. Then she wrote something down in her notebook she'd seen on Electric co. and drew a picture too. S reviewed his 3x and 4x tables.

Lunch - B asked what metal was made of so I googled and we found out! Then S asked how to tie a lasso knot, so I looked that up and we learned how!

9:30 p.m. It really started snowing big time before lunch. Wound up cancelling Little Flowers/Blue Knights. Major snowstorm. B played outside for a long time and even made a little snowman. S went out for about 15 minutes but then a big old splotch of snow fell off a tree and down the back collar of his coat and he came in screaming. W rescued him. But after that he was feeling too Charlie Brownish and decided to lie on the couch and watch Arthur and such. H went out and shovelled the walk. W walked out to see if the main road was backed up and brought the mail in. J didn't go out at all.

J was on the computer a lot and playing on his gameboy. But we did a session in Classical Writing. Review spelling orally, practiced cursive a tiny bit, diagrammed sentences together and then he wrote a rough draft of the 1st 2 scenes from To the Sea Xenophon. He'll have to finish drafting it tomorrow.

At 4:00 we lost power and didn't get it back until just before 7. It got very dark quickly. H busied herself lighting lots of candles. Just before we lost power I ordered pizza so we got that. We ate and then the kids played charades while I feel asleep on the couch. H and W entertained us with the acoustic guitar and piano.

It was lovely when the lights came back on! I let B watch some TV while I putzed on the internet. W read Hitchhikers to S and J and they were laughing and laughing. Not sure what H was up to.

8:30 Made everyone come and clean up. Read a lot of The Little White Horse aloud. S and B got really into drawing cartoons while I read. We said prayers and then went upstairs with their cartooning book, lots of paper and pencils. They are very quiet up there but occasionally I hear them talking to each other. I should go up and make them go to bed.

J said he couldn't get into Over Sea, Under Stone. Since I've been intrigued by those Susan Cooper books since I heard Susan Wise Bauer mention them. I think I might see if he'll let me read some of the first chapters aloud to him.

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