Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 1/10

Late start. Construction very loud this a.m.

J - woke late, hadn't done most of his math homework. Tutor was very kind and got him in a better mood. Now I think he's closed himself off in the study.

S - woke, showered, ate scrambled eggs for breakfast. Been playing w/ B much of the morning; fooling around the harmonica, read Calvin and Hobbes. We did a tiny bit of school. He said his 2x, 5x and 3x tables. Did a little bit of cursive. He's eating lunch and then he's going to read to me from his reader.

B- woke really late, had scrambled eggs and eng. muffins. Played a lot this a.m. pretending she's a royal princess. We did a little bit of math where I kept using the term 'minus' she can't remember it means the same thing as take away. Then she did really well in reading. She read the first story in First Steps reader.

W - finished up Alg. II homework and is now working with tutor.

H - slept in. Her school year doesn't really start up until Monday with Spanish and Chem on Tues. She should be reading Ivanhoe though. As should W.

Later today. I want to play SET, go shopping for gifts, tidy up some and read The Little White Horse.

1:09 W has been playing lots of guitar. I'll hear Leila by Clapton and then a Little Richard riff. S and B are downstairs watching Tv. H went to Panera to get lunch. J is off in his room. But I'm going to call him down in 20min to work on Classical Writing some.

I'm sleepy. Hoping we'll also watch the last segment of T3 this afternoon too.

9:02 p.m. J worked on Class. Writ. Took B and S shopping for Theo and Andrea's gifts. Came home and chilled for a while. Then tidied up house a bit, did some laundry. H got pizza, etc from Jerry's. After dinner, B took bath, S played his skateboard game and we watched 2nd to last segment on Luke in T3. Love it!

After that read Little White Horse to B, S and J. R came home @ 8:30, ate quickly and is now reading Half Magic to B and S.

H spent most of day watching Arrested Dev. W playing his guitar.

It's been a good day.

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