Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday 1/7

11:50 a.m.

Woke up just before 8 a.m. I wanted to get up earlier than that, but it would help if I actually set the alarm!

W was already up. Came down had tea, did a little e-mail stuff. Said the Rosary by myself, W wanted to finish reading the Gospel of Mark instead of joining me. Everyone else still asleep. It was a good rosary, though.

Got everyone up and got J and S to take showers. Put some laundry away. W ate breakfast, then I nagged him to clean his room. That woke B up. Got H up too but it took until 10 for everybody to be up. We really got to start getting to bed earlier. J ate a little breakfast and then did Mario brain teasers on his new favorite website. B and S had toaster waffles.

Math tutor came and worked with J and W.

School time with B and S - sang Father Abraham. B was in foul mood though for some strange reason. We did a tiny bit of mental math but it wasn't going well. I got very cross with her. Darn! Mental math went so so with S. He wanted to do things his way in his head and kept getting the wrong answers and then got mad at me for trying to show him the correct way. I had to be very, very diplomatic. Very short session, with everyone being so grumpy.

B copied over some more spelling words from her reader: is, I, Andrew, big, brown. She kept getting mad at me because I was grading things wrong. S worked very well at the LLATL. He got an A on his spelling test, did one little exercise and then some cursive practice.

B read one page from her reader, but that was all we could tackle with her mood. She then painted the little pot she made over the weekend. She liked that.

S did a little bit of VT and then read two pages from his reader. He's been fairly good this a.m. Now he's eating his tuna for lunch. I need to find J and get him lunch or cleaning his room. The cleaners are coming any second and our bedrooms are not fit for vacuuming.

H supposedly has been reading Gulliver's Travels and cleaning her room.

B just brought me a pretty picture she made with stencils and a love note to me. Very sweet. I think our bad mood is over.

3:56 a.m.

Everyone had lunch at different times. I really want to be able to read the Bible at lunch like I did last year, but I can't get everybody to the table at the same time. B made herself a fruit salad very independently. She sliced a banana, then added grapes and raisins and poured some apple cider over it all.

We spent before and after lunch rather drearily just trying to clean our rooms and tidy up for the cleaners. That took a while and didn't help our moods either!

After that: B played at pbskids and S played on is Draw to life game on his ds. J and I worked on Classical Writing. We did spelling, grammar, dictionary skills, outlining and dictation.

W and H reads lots of Gulliver's Travels. W is now playing a computer game. J is on that Mario website but I"m about to shoo him outside. B and S went over to play at the neighbors. It's beautiful outside. H is trying to get some friends to meet her a starbucks. She just wants to drive with the top down on her car! It's like spring outside.

I think I'll go for a little walk and then read Gulliver's travels.

Didn't go for a walk but did read Gulliver's. Made chix drumsticks for dinner. Prepared a bit for RE class. H never came home from her visit with friends. B was playing really cutely. She kept diapering her new doll. Then she put a chair and the footstool together and got a lunch plate (steering wheel) and pretending she was taking her doll to the grocery store. She bought fruit at the store (I had to be the cashier). Later, after dinner she wanted to help clean so she washed the sliding glass door onto the porch.

I read a little more of The Little White Horse at dinner.

J practiced piano and read chapter from Faith and Life.

Went to RE, got there late because of new credit card/no gas complications. Class went well but we didn't really talk about chastity much.

Came home, R was putting new apple computer together. Kids were all excited. R finally put S and B to bed and read the ending chapter of Henry and Ribsy which made everyone want to go salmon fishing. J is really into the paper Mario website. W read lots of Gulliver's travels.

H didn't get home until 11:20. We took car from her and made clear that she is to come home right after events unless she gets permission. This whole weekend she's been gallavanting around never telling us where she is and never asking us permission.

J started reading The Lighthouse Land.

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