Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday 1/9

Went to bed so late because R was up watching Primary returns.

Woke up 8 ish.

Said rosary, S joined me. W was up early but wanted to read Bible and Jason Evert book instead.

J and S have been really getting into The Worst Case Scenario book and the new Guiness Book of World records.

Been eating lemon cake R bought at store last night. Bad breakfast.

B is very grumpy this morning.

Circle time - sang Father Abraham, then did mental math. S wanted to review squares. B counted by 2's with her collection of sea shells then we did some subtraction problems with the shells.

J was supposed to be doing math at this time but he wasn't focusing.

did 2 mad libs at kids request but B started to get mad.

B and I went over some words from her reader written on flashcards but she started to get mad again.

S got new spelling words: beach, treat, clean, leave, peace. He filled in the blanks in his wkbk. We also went over the conjunction 'and'.

B keeps losing her temper. J got stuck on something in math. H is helping him now.

need to distract B so I can read Sophie's World to H and W.

B wound up playing on a website, bananaboo for a little while, while I read some of Sophie's World to H and W. Still working through Aristotle.

Then S and B played on the Wii making Mii's while J, H and W and I watched the second to the last lecture in the T3 Bible study. Wow, what a good program that is.

Now we are eating lunch. We've got VT, guitar lessons, gymnastics, chess club and CLC.

1:44 p.m. S had a meltdown about having to work on the uneven bars in gymnastics. He's been talking about it for days on and off. He's really working himself up. Tried to give him a pep talk but he dissolved into tears. My goodness, I do wish my children were not so prickly. Have had tears from J, B and S today and I'm trying to be nice to them! No wonder I want to hide my head in the sand of the blogosphere.

Gotta get ready for VT.

Made it to VT. Got feeder fish for the lionfish. Came home. J and W had guitar lessons. H and W went to Great Falls with friends. Left J here to play on computer games while I took S and B to gymnastics.

Ate MacDonald's for dinner. Came home. H took J to chess club.

Didn't read aloud at all tonight. Kids played Starfall on the Wii. H took W to CLC.

Poor J remembered he had lots of math homework still to do. He's working on it but he stayed up so late reading last night he's really tired and doesn't want to do it. W is also working on homework.

R had dinner with client and is coming home now. He's tired too but I think he's going to be doing math for while! 9:51 p.m.

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