Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday 1/14

Woke with migraine. I wasn't sick to my stomach though. It stayed in head, which was something to be grateful for.

Got people stirring around 8:30. J took a shower then worked on his math homework. W got up and worked on his math too. H slept until 10! Everyone got their breakfasts. S and B played very nicely downstairs. B especially; made a train out of toys downstairs. I had to go ride her train. She used a basket and blocks to be the 'coal' which she shoveled in with a serving spoon she borrowed from the kitchen.

J and W did math with the tutor. H was supposed to start her Spanish class at comm. college but realized in a panic that she had registered at the wrong campus and she couldn't switch because the class she wanted was full. So I called the dean and found out that there is another class starting in 2 weeks that fits H's schedule. So she's got a 2 week hiatus.

After that tho my headache came back terribly. B made me a bed on the couch. I was sorely tempted to let the kids do screen but I had just issued a rule that screen time was between 3 and 6 p.m. Instead B, S and J (he was finished with math) and I all played Jr. Pictionary which S got for Christmas. H ran to the bookstore to get a copy of Ivanhoe for Will and also did a quick grocery shop for me. Pictionary was fun. Only had tears once! We called it a draw (ha ha) because everyone got hungry for lunch.

At lunch H read from her Magnificat, the readings for the day. This made B and S start playing "Mass" which was cute. My headache was still throbbing. I took a shower. B and S were playing some permutation of hide and seek; J was listening to Jim Weiss' Uncle Wiggly cd. H was planning her RE class. W was playing his electric guitar.

B reviewed her reading words from her reader. S read 3 pages from his reader. J and I sat down and did Day 1 of Classical Writing. He also did a little cursive penmanship.

3:00 B played on her new MP3 (got from in laws, ugh!!!!!!) Barbie World girl website. Yikes I hope this passes soon. R says those kids MP3 players break easily. I might step on it by accident one day. Actually almost did this last night, truly accidentally. S watched Arthur. J got on Wii. Then Joseph came over to play so J, S and B are all downstairs on the Wii carrying on. Lots of laughing and screaming and joking around. Joseph is a big joker of a kid, loud and friendly. Always cutting up. Lots of fun.

W is reading lots of Ivanhoe and also took a walk outside. It is cold and gray out.

H went to visit Katie at Starbucks and planned more for RE. I hope she's reading Ivanhoe as well plus they have to work on their timelines for history tomorrow.

I've been planning my class and also for Blue Knights and Little Flowers clubs. My headache is mostly gone. It's 4:37. I think I'll do some laundry and clean the kitchen a bit. I think we'll have omelettes, rolls, baked acorn squash and applesauce for dinner. Have to teach RE tonight. I'm glad the headache is finally going away. But it has still been a good day.

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