Friday, January 4, 2008


Today was a rather down day.

Got up latish, after 8. Took a while to get everyone up and going. I started at 9:10 a.m. and I was still nagging and pushing at 10:20. We got out the door with gerbils in tow. We took them to the pet store and then went on to St. Mark where I had my unsuccessful meeting with the RE directors. I had a thumping headache as I left. It got worse as we visited McDonald's for lunch. The food was awful. We stopped again at the pet store to get the live feed fish for R's lionfish. Came home, I was feeling sick to my stomach. I shooed the kids off to various screen distractions while I took Advil and tried to not throw for the next couple hours. B went over to the neighbor's to play during this time. After I felt better, I took a shower. Then I had to talk to M. about the RE/spiritual adoption stuff. During all this H and W came home along with their friend J who hung out here for about an hour. I spent an inordinate amount of time just reading blogs and surfing the net. I meant to do some subjects with J but didn't.

He did finish The Cay yesterday which was good. He also practiced piano tonight. S has been talking obsessively about skateboarding his new passion. People got hungry around 5 and I realized that the dinner I was planning was not going to be welcomed by anybody. So I went to the Noodle company and got carry out. Came home, ate, cleaned the kitchen, read The Little White Horse to J, S and B. Then S put on Oliver (the movie musical). I vegged in front of my laptop in a most unproductive and lazy manner. I am really in a slump. R came home, very, very tired. He started to put together my Bible stand, read Henry and Ribsy to B and S.

W is writing a letter to some protestant youth retreat leader he met at the ski trip. They are arguing apologetics via the internet. Ooh, boy!

H went to a dance at Trinity. I want to go to bed early and finish Children of Men.

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