Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday 1/16

Woke late; didn't get people up until 9 ish.

Read Sophie's World to W and H on Hellenism.

W did lesson in Alg. II

H showered then tried to read Ivanhoe. She took S to VT and also took J to chess club. Then she took W to CLC. She did a lot of driving.

B and S played while I did Religion and Classical Writing with J. B took a bath and washed hair.

J had guitar lesson. W had his guitar.

J played Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga; went to chess club; after dinner did some math; read some Dave Barry before bed but I took away because it is too adult!

S -went to VT with H. Then to gymnastics to the end of the semester show. After dinner, listened to The Little White Horse.

B - went with me to drop off Little Flowers material then to gymnastics show. After dinner listened to The Little White Horse.

We watched the video of the gymnastics show which was fun.

R read more of Half Magic to S and B at bedtime.

W did 30 minutes of Latin and read some of Ivanhoe. Went to CLC and came home swearing off his ipod.

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