Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday 1/3


Woke before 8 even though I stayed up late reading and then had to deal with acid reflux during the night.

Got up, got tea and then started writing my book. J came down and asked if he could play on the wii until 9, a few minutes later S came down and followed suit. I wrote and wrote until I realized it was 9:20! Uh oh!

It took about 20 minutes to get B to stir. R was showering and getting ready for work. W and H and on their ski trip.

Had cereal and yogurt for breakfast.

Gathered kids and books and went downstairs to stage. Sang songs: Father Abraham and Rise and Shine. Fun songs but I have a feeling they'll get old quickly. B wanted to do All Around the Mulberry Bush as well.

Mental math - B was just adding and subtracting in her head. S was learning the difference between A.M. and P.M. J had one which involved multiplying huge numbers, figuring out how many possibilities for letters and numbers on license plates. All our brains felt rusty from the break.

B went on to write up her own addition and subtraction problems on the little white board. J worked on Saxon worksheet for fraction-decimal-percentage conversions. He got 3/4's through and gave up, now he's working on a Lesson 109. He's having trouble focusing.

B wants to play school. I keep having to give her assignments. I assigned her 5 spelling words which she printed out in a new notebook. She wanted me to grade her. I gave her a B+ and told her she'd get an A if she remembered to keep the letters lower case.

S did very well in LLATL. We review spelling words: follow, swallow, pillow, etc. Then he read through a little assignment where he reads rows of words and picks out which doesn't fit. This is a really good exercise for him and he thinks it's fun. After that he practiced cursive U's and S's for about 2 minutes.

He was doing his music theory homework and writing up a little melody he's just come up with. B wants me to come down again to teach her reading, must go!

VT is at 12:30 today.

10:01 p.m.
Made chix nuggets for lunch and we ate them on the way to VT. J stayed home and played vg's. Came back, B and S watched Arthur while I showered then worked with J on Classical Writing. Long, slow afternoon. I had to do stuff for Spiritual Adoption so I worked on that. I don't even know what J and S were doing. B was playing on pbskids for a long time.

By the time I finished the Respect Life stuff it was too late to go to Curves and make the dinner I wanted to make.

Cooked dinner, roasted veggies, meatloaf and rolls.

Read a lot of The Little White Horse aloud. J practiced piano. B and S played with playdoh for a while, then we said prayers.

B is listening to Beatrix Potter stories in bed. S is up in his room now. J is reading some more of The Cay, the book I assigned him yesterday.

R is working late. I'm supposed to go to holy hour at 11:00 p.m. I hope he gets home soon. I don't like to go out with just J and the little ones here.

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