Friday, November 7, 2008

Clutter defeat!

Yesterday I was tired. I was tired all day long. I didn't want to do anything, but it was an Econ/lit/history class day for the teens, then Blue Knights, then taking Will to guitar lessons. So business didn't stop until 5 pm.

The only thing that happened household-wise was that Josh got his laundry done and I actually sat down with 4 out 5 children and tried to work out a chore plan, but the one we came up with was feeble. My idea was that I couldn't do too much because I'll find it too overwhelming, except that the house is a wreck so if I don't take some serious action here, I will be constantly overwhelmed by it. Clean House - where are you? I'd subjugate myself to humilitation if only someone else will do my thinking for me and get me jumpstarted.

Okay here's the feeble plan (which we didn't even follow yesterday because I conked out at 9:30 last night, still dressed in the clothes I'd worn all day.):

1. Clutter ( 3 prong attack) a)I declutter for 15 minutes a day some hot spot b)everybody try to live by the rule: put your things away! c) every evening have a room rescue in the kitchen/family room.

2. Laundry needs to be done every day. Hannah is in charge of laundry patrol. That means that if someone has clean laundry taking up a laundry basket for more than one day in their room they get penalized.

3. Rooms must be kept tidy at all times. (Ha!!!! First we have to get them tidy which will take a couple of weeks of digging and I have time for this right?????)

4. Kitchen must be completely cleaned every night. All who are here each evening pitch in and help. No one leaves the kitchen until said task is completed!

5. Everyone has a daily chore: I couldn't think of one for each child though! Isn't that frightening???? Becky wanted to feed the cats their dinner. Sean - ?????, Josh - takes care of Kitty litter/gerbils and Tillie's dinner. Will takes out trash and recycling, Hannah - laundry patrol.

We are supposed to go to co-op today and I really feel like not going and just staying home to regroup here. I'm too tired! And this afternoon we have game day and I am hoping to help get a book discussion started on Jesus of Nazareth. Ack!

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

A neighbor of mine has a rule after dinner: no one sits down until we all can sit down (to relax, that is).

Give Sean some Lysol wipes and teach him to wipe down the toilet and sink each evening in the powder room.