Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plans for Advent School

During the last few years we've always shifted gears for Advent. Mostly because we've been in high tide (or as high as I get, which is about middlin' for others) academically and then I'm all burned out by Advent. So things go lighter then and we tend to shift to other things that don't get done like art.

So here are some of the ideas that have been floating around my head:

1) I have sitting unused Scott Hahn's study of the Gospel of John. I asked Hannah if she wanted to do that with me duirng Advent/Christmas. She was not enthusiastic at all. So I kind of cajoled her into accepting. I think she really needs a little religon. She's been hanging around these public school kids and I think she really needs grounding. On the other hand, I don't want to do the study if she is going to be all draggy and whining about it I asked Will and he responded with an enthusiastic Yes! I still haven't asked Josh.

2) We've been focusing on penmanship more than copy work since September. I think we'll go back to copy work for Advent. Will started to do copy work from St. Francis De Sales Introduction to the Devout Life earlier in the year but has stopped. Maybe he could take that up again. Josh could copy religious poems out of a Faith and Freedom reader. And I was thinking that Becky and Sean might like to copy over familiar Christmas carols. That way they could really learn the words!

3) I want to finish Black Ships Before Troy before Advent and take a break from the Greeks. I have a Vision book called Christmas and the Saints which I'd like to read aloud instead.

4) I think Josh for his Kolbe lit program could focus on a couple of saint book selections they have during the time of Advent and Christmas.

5) Of course I need to get out my Advent wreath and get an Advent calendar. I always try to do a Jesse Tree but that seems to putter out about mid-Advent so I think this year I'll give a miss on that.

6) The kids doing music lessons are all learning Christmas songs right now.

7) I'd like to take everyone to The Nutcracker this year. Also we are going to see Leahy in in their Celtic Christmas concert. That is Dec. 13th (same day as Becky's First Penance!) Also, I'd like to go down to the National Cathedral and see their Creche exhibit. Maybe also see what's up at the Basilica and JPII Center in Advent. Other things happening during the season: Our Lady of Guadalupe (our Torch groups has a puppet show and pot luck) and Chanuakah with my father in law and family. My extended family's huge Christmas gathering (which I am not hosting this year! Alelluia!) and Sean's 10th birthday on Dec. 22nd.

8) We'll still have to keep up with outside classes: math and Latin.

9) A couple years ago I what looks to be a wonderful art program, Christian Art Heritage. I'd like to give that a good try during Advent. Maybe I can get Becky interested.

10) I've been really bad at getting to a daily Mass once a week. I'd like to really concentrate on doing that during Advent/Christmas.

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