Thursday, November 20, 2008

Journal of 11/20/08

Got up @ 7:30. But slept well last night!

Puttered around internet and drank tea. Loosely planned my Blue Knights meeting today. Going to focus on 4 types of prayer: adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication. Sing a hymn or two and go through Mass identifying these types of prayers.

Got everyone up; made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Rick is now teaching Econ class. Becky and Sean are practicing cursive.

Becky did math: Roman numerals, probability with flipping coins and dice. Started Reader B and learned about adding -ed. Now she is playing with playdough.

Sean: Read next ch in St. Peter book, did 1 page in phonics on -or sound. Short lesson in Latin and review of 2nd declension Neuter. Math - reviewed for test.

Read next chapter of Black Ships Before Troy. Icky, Odysseus and Diomedes killed Dolon the spy and the King of Thrace and his 12 body guards while they slept.

Hannah, Will and Josh did Econ with Rick from 9:40 to 11:30 or so. Watched Am. Id. lecture on Abigail Adams with me. Went over timeline, ate pizza. Homework is to finish up timelines thru American Revolution and also do timeline page for Abigail Adams. Also to read The Narrative and Life of Frederick Douglass. We don't meet again until Thurs after next (because of Thanksgiving). Did analysis of The Tell-Tale Heart, read The Raven and The Bells by poetry and did a tiny bit of analysis. Did writing assignment for 25 minutes where they had to write a paragraph describing a room (or something) in a scary, Poe-esque way.

Josh went off and do his own thing after Econ but then I caught him at about 1 and made him study more for his history exam.

Rest of day: Blue Knights from 2:15 to 3:45. Get Will to guitar lessons at 4:15. Sean and Josh to running class 5 to 6. Still didn't make the soup. Instead I'm just going to broil the chicken and boil some potatoes and make a tossed green salad for dinner.

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