Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal 10/13/09

  • Got up and studied for Latin quiz
  • J and W got up and studied too.
  • Went to Latin class - took quiz I got 99% (forgot macrons on quis), J got 93%, W got 85%. I am sure because he was sleep deprived! Latin was hard though. I am having trouble with relative pronouns and I really need to review conjugations of all 4 conjugations. I really need them memorized. I get all confused.
  • B did 1 page of reading workbook (compound words); 1 page of cursive and 12 problems in rounding to nearest ten. She played out in the yard on the trampoline a lot.
  • S did 1oo subtraction facts, 1 short cursive practice, 1 page of grammar (commas and appositives) and 1 page of spelling (words that rhyme with 'her' er, ur, ir, or, ear) He played outside some too.
  • Lunch at Chick fil a
  • At home W played with his new video game. J got on computer too.
  • B practiced violin pretty thoroughly. S practiced piano some.
  • Went to Meadows Farms and bought Halloween decorations for front yard. B has been longing for them. Got a spooky ghost for the tree, a scarecrow, a sign with a jack-o-lantern that says trick or treat and some little ghosts and pumpkins to stick alongside the driveway.
  • Went to gymnastics. B and S loved it!
  • Went for a 45 minutes walk w/ L. Very pleasant! Good conversation, weather was great.
  • J did Lesson 14 in Alg II while I was gone.
  • W has been playing his new game for hours!
  • Made dinner, chicken, rice, baby carrots and cucumber slices.
  • Read three stories from Bible History to S and B. Moses died and Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.
  • Talked to H earlier. She's still sick and has mid-terms. Poor thing. She has to give a talk in her Understanding the Bible class on Passover. She started telling me all this stuff I never, ever knew about Christ drinking the 4th cup on the cross and how they gave the wine to him on a hyssop branch, etc. Wow, I never got that connection before!!!!
  • B and I did some drawing. Over her picture of a house she wrote 'hwos' Made me think if Winnie ther Pooh.
  • R is reading Sea of Monsters to B and S.
  • J and I are up to chapter 18 in History of the Ancient World. W isn't! Grrr.

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