Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend journal 10/17-18/09

  • Saturday - slow, lazy morning
  • Took B and S to great little toy store we have in town, independently owned, lots of cool toys. Went to buy gift cert for neighbor whose b-day party is today.
  • S and B loved the puppets, S loved the knights and horses and loved the Ancient warriors as well. B loved the doll houses. They were ecstatic! Lots of idea for Christmas!
  • Rick took them to the party which was a laser tag one a good half hour drive away.
  • Went shopping for my candy rosary supplies. Still working on actually putting something together.
  • W, J and read Most of Book 5 of Iliad
  • Watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - fun movie
  • B did lots of gymnastics
  • Rick went over Algebra test with J - he got an 82.5%. Better than before. Again he gets the concepts just doesn't want to take the time to read the question thoroughly and check his math. He needs to show his work to be more accurate.
  • I read a little of Boston Bay to B
  • R read but I don't know which Rebecca and HP or Sea of Monsters?
  • J and I studied a bit for Latin test on Monday
  • W said he studied but I don't think he did much
  • Sunday - breakfast and Mass with S and B
  • W and J went to Youth Rally all day 11 to 9 p.m.
  • Sean came down with fever in the evening.

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