Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journal 10/6/09

  • Finished up Latin homework this a.m.
  • Got everybody up to eat breakfast and ready to go out the door
  • Latin class
  • B and S didn't do so well with their seatwork; kept fighting; S was in bad mood.
  • S did cursive and spelling; I forgot to bring math and he balked at grammar
  • B did cursive and math sheet; she balked at reading workbook; she colored and then played outside
  • At lunch at chick fil a - she got a funnel in her kids meal (they are giving away science stuff) Lady was doing an Usborne book presentation and then started showing the kids rocks. Turned out she works at the U. S Geological Survey.
  • S did his math and Grammar at home
  • J worked on next Algebra lesson and then looked over his Clonlara stuff
  • W ran errand for me and got B's violin book and shoulder rest.
  • S and B went to gymnastics - both are loving it! Yippee!
  • Read Book II of Iliad with W and J
  • Read Bible History to B and S (didn't get to it Monday)
  • Rick read Sea of Monsters to B and S
  • Rick went over Algebra test with J (after 10 p.m. I went to bed about this time)

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