Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekly Report 10/26-10/30

  • Since this has been a slow recuperation week from the flu I decided to just do a weekly report a la WTM.
  • Read alouds: Read about Ruth in Bible History, decided to can Ancient Tales from Egypt for now. We'd gotten half way through and they just weren't holding our interest anymore. We can always come back to them in time. Instead we started reading Archimedes, And the Door of Science by Jeane Bendick. This covers both Ancient history and science as well. We ditched our science read aloud when we got to roundworms which grossed everyone out! Read a lot of Carry On, Mr. Bowditch this week. This also touches on science and math as well as American history. We are almost done with that book.
  • Didn't do much math this week at all. Everybody's heads are still too congested to think clearly enough to do math! S did work on his 100 subtraction facts sheet on Thursday. B did mental math on W and a fun rounding exercise in her workbook on Thursday. J did only two lessons in Algebra. L. 17 and 18.
  • Languages: W and I took Latin test on Tuesday. J was still sick. He's been studying for it to take next week. On Thursday did some Latin for Children with S. Also worked in Greek workbooks a little with B and S.
  • B and S have been doing a lot of writing/spelling on their own, writing little notes or cartoon captions or sending e-mails. They did cursive practice every day.
  • J and W both read 4 chapters in history.
  • W took his Music Theory midterm. Thinks he did well.
  • Made it to music lessons on Monday, kids practiced music every day.
  • Made it to drawing class, both S and B (especially B!) have been drawing up a storm all week.
  • Socratic Discussion Group on Friday
  • Read Book VI of the Iliad with teens.

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Daisy said...

Sounds like you all accomplished alot even with the flu recovery effort in place.

We are going to read Archimedes soon. I hope we enjoy it. I'm not a great lover of science so hopefully the history will lure me in. ;-)

Hope you all are feeling better now.