Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journal 10/14/09

  • W got up and went to Music theory class early. He said he had work he wanted to do there. He also brought history to read after the class.
  • J took Test 3 of Saxon Algebra II
  • B and S did cursive
  • S looked up two words in the dictionary from his spelling list: shirk and perch
  • S read next story in reader using his flippers (VT) and he worked on memorizing his poem.
  • B did circles for VT and arrows chart
  • S practice piano
  • Read Carry On, Mr Bowditch and talked about latitude and longitude. Looked at globe and saw distance from Salem to Bourbon (Reunion) and located Cape of Good Hope.
  • B read from McGuffey 1st reader. Also practiced reading cursive from that book.
  • B found a little hangman electronic game we got from somewhere and she played on that for quite a while, spelling animal names, like bear and loon.
  • Rewatched Ch. 5 for Latin vocabulary and then quizzed on words
  • B and S played Shut the Box for math today (about 15 minutes)
  • J and I watched next lecture in How the Earth Works, an intro to Plate Tectonics. Did you know that the Atlas Mtns are the counterpart to the Appalachian Mtns? They were once two sides of a rift between the North American plate and the African plate.
  • J read Popular Science mag that just arrived yesterday.
  • B and S made animations on Pivot.
  • S has been grumpy today and bickering if not coming to blows with J!
  • J is tired because he stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading Lord of the Flies. His opinion: Best. book. ever.
  • W came home; he's read up to ch. 16 of HAW. Two chapters to go and then we can talk history.
  • Went to VT
  • While B and S were there I went to St. Mark and turned in forms for Youth Rally
  • Sent my RE students an e-mail.
  • Read aloud some of book 4 of Iliad. I started falling asleep while reading and misread Chieron as Chesterton, I snapped out of it when I heard W and J laughing loudly!!!!! So we gave up then.
  • Took S and B to cartooning class. They love it. The teacher is so nice. This nice elderly retired woman who has been cartooning all her life and loves children. S was being very perfectionistic though and getting all tense towards the end and B was catching his negativity!
  • J spent a good deal on the computer; he likes to get on these games message boards to learn about new games, etc.
  • B and S are watching Fetch which is such a great show. Learning about sound and music right now and figuring out how to stop a runaway train.
  • B wrote me a nice note. She's really started writing a lot on her own lately. I love her spelling. I'll actually be sad when she can spell everything correctly because it means she's growing up.
  • B and S both con't drawing a lot after the cartooning class. I'm finding scraps of paper with drawings on them all over the house.
  • Rick read Rebecca to B; Harry Potter to S
  • W and J went to CLC and stopped to get a late dinner on the way home.
  • S is working his way steadily through the Search for Delicious. He's so proud that he's actually sticking with a chapter book with very few illustrations. He's really enjoying the book. It has captivated his imagination.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Rick's not really reading "Rebecca" to B, is he?

Faith said...

The Rebecca books from American Girl, not the novel by Du Maurier!