Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journal 10/7/09

  • W went to Music Theory
  • Read Carry On, Mr. Bowditch out loud to B and S. He finally went to sea!
  • J read HAW to ch. 18
  • B - cursive, math (making change - she wasn't getting it), reading workbook (that she hadn't done yesterday). She's really getting fast at reading. Much less painful sounding out of everything and totally loosing the train of the sentence.
  • S - cursive, spelling, memorized poem for about 2 minutes, did first investigation in Saxon 6/5 on word problems.
  • Did a little bit of Latin vocab and review of 2nd conjugation with S
  • S practiced piano
  • J did next Algebra lesson
  • S and B spent lots of the day doing gymnastics out on the front lawn. They brought up their mat from the basement. The weather is glorious but windy.
  • W came home and wandered around aimlessly. He wants friends and to be doing something. I told him he could read HAW but I don't think he ever did.
  • J and I watched Lecture 4 of How the Earth Works - totally mind blowing!
  • Went to VT
  • Made dinner while B and S played gymnastics outside more.
  • J played on the computer
  • W???????
  • Rick stayed home because he was feeling under the weather all last night but he's been working in his room and has never yet emerged today.
  • Made dinner
  • Took B and S to first drawing class (that we thought was canceled!) - class was great. Turned out to be a cartooning class which is exactly what S wanted!
  • Hannah called! She's got midterms next week!
  • W and J went to CLC
  • Helped B practice violin a tiny bit. She's plucking out Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Read next chapter in Little House by Boston Bay to B
  • Rick read Prince of A (HP) to S
  • Rick read A Sea of Monsters to B and S
  • I liked that today S and B were so into gymnastics and played so much outside. S was sooo resistant to gymnastics class for the first two classes and now he is back to his old self of loving it.

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