Monday, October 5, 2009

Journal 10/5/09

  • It's Rick's birthday!
  • W went off to Music Theory class, driving on his own. Yippee!
  • Had late breakfast; B and S gave cards to Rick
  • J spent most of morning doing Algebra test
  • S - math test, worked on memorizing poem, read Ch. 5 in F&L, cursive practice and did short workbook exercise on Latin vocab. The remote isn't working and we couldn't review dvd lesson. Arggh.
  • B - math page on counting money, recited At the Seaside, I read her Ch in F&L, she read 6 sentences out of reader out loud, cursive practice.
  • B and S played outside and are also designing controllers for some kind of game they are making up.
  • Made Rick's cake
  • Took B to violin lesson; planned RE class there
  • Was late getting S to his piano lesson
  • J did Latin homework on computer
  • W was supposed to start Learn to Write the Novel Way (LWNW)
  • Did some Latin homework; W and J wanted to work on their own. Did they actually do it??
  • Made omelets for Rick's b-day dinner, had cake and sang happy birthday
  • R read The Sea of Monster to B and S
  • Went to RE class; went okay I guess
  • Came home and finished Latin homework on computer; still need to finis vocab exercise tomorrow morning.

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