Friday, October 16, 2009

Journal 10/16/09

  • W and J went to 6:15 a.m. Mass
  • I went to 8:00 Mass - saw old college friend's mother there!
  • Did lots of dejunking, vacuuming and tidying in prep for Socratic Discussion Group arrival
  • While doing this W gave B another voice lesson
  • Socratic Discussion group - The camel and the jackal story. teen group discussed essay from Francis Bacon
  • B and S played with Miguel afterward, putting on a play downstairs.
  • J retired to computer; W to videogame
  • Tennis canceled because of cold, rainy weather.
  • After lunch, tried to read The Book of Thoth from Tales of Egypt aloud to S and B but got too sleepy
  • Read some Jesus of Nazareth and took a nap
  • W is playing music
  • We've been trying to download Seven Brides for Seven Brothers from itunes but it is taking an excruciatingly long time.
  • B asked me to look up colors for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize ribbons. She's making ribbons now out of colored index cards. Apparently for an art contest.
  • S got very bored; so he called his friend and I'm taking him over now.
  • B put on an art contest with me and W as contestants. We were ordered to draw a cat. W's won because it was so silly. She had stand on chairs like at the Olympics wearing our ribbons that she made.
  • J was very busy playing Brutal Legend all afternoon.
  • B choreographed a little floor exercise (inspired by watching Nadia Comenichi (sp) on youtube this a.m. She drew it out in stick figures and taped it up by her mat. Then she showed me. She did a walkdown bridge, then a cartwheel then some jumps and then she landed in the splits and jumped up again.
  • We went to dinner at Olive Garden. Picked up S and his friend on the way. Met Rick there. I ate lots of salad and had a glass of wine.

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