Thursday, October 8, 2009

Journal 10/8/09

  • Read next story in Tales of Ancient Egypt about Teta the Magician
  • S and B did cursive practice and worked a bit in their Greek workbooks
  • Did some mental math with B
  • S read from his reader about Stephen Foster using his flippers from VT
  • He also read The Search for Delicious which he started last night.
  • B started memorizing The Swing by R.L.Stevenson
  • Watched Ch. 15 lesson with Sean in Latin
  • Never got to Math with S
  • S practiced piano, but B never got to her violin practice
  • J did next lesson in Algebra
  • W slept in; I forced him up around 10 a.m. At some point before 1:00 he read some history.
  • W drove to his lesson where he taught guitar to M.S.
  • Took B to her Little Flowers club where they learned about St. Margaret Clitherow (sp?) and made sunflowers and bookmarks with the Act of Faith on it.
  • S played with Jack
  • J and I checked out the new library in Fairfax City. Josh got out Lord of the Flies and is reading it.
  • I got some audio books out for B and S
  • Came home and everyone vegged. I got hooked on the computer and never made dinner.
  • B took a bath and started listening to The Five Peppers and How They Grew on audio.
  • Rick came home at 7:00 which is a bit on the early side for him. But he was disappointed because he'd wanted to get home before dark to do some work on the yard. the sun is setting earlier and earlier. When is the time change?
  • Got carry out for dinner.
  • Read Book III of the Iliad with W and J
  • Rick read Sea of Monsters to B and S
  • I read next chapter in Little House by Boston Bay.
  • S is listening to The Great Brain on audio.

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