Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick day 11/19/09

  • Sean's friend has Swine Flu and Sean was running a fever all night
  • Sean had no fever when he got up at 9 a.m. but has developed a cough
  • W went to Music Theory
  • B had been looking at the Powers of Ten flip book. She started drawing on our sliding glass doors with her window markers different sizes of the world. She went from small to very large and then she drew close ups of a house, shed, bike etc. Very cute.
  • B did cursive and some rounding to nearest ten in her workbook. I think it clicked for her.
  • Read next Bible History story to B and S about Gideon and Samson. Both kids started telling me the Veggie Tale version. Love those Veggie Tales!
  • Read next chapter in F&L to B (Ch. 7)
  • J is doing Lesson 15 in Saxon Alg II
  • B read a page from the McGuffey reader
  • Watched the movie Babe and then The Princess Bride
  • W came home and had bought S Bud, Not Buddy on audio.
  • S's fever came back 100.2
  • J and I studied for Latin test; W said he did too but he didn't study with us.
  • Taught RE, I think the girls liked the candy rosary.
  • Got home and J was really studying hard for his Latin test. I've studied some but not enough because I know I can't take it due to S's illness.
  • Will stayed up very late to study
  • S was feverish in the night.

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Karen E. said...

Our turn for a sick day ... Anne-with-an-e is down for the count, I think.

But, candy rosaries and Princess Bride sound good .... :)