Friday, October 9, 2009

Journal 10/9/09

  • W and J got up and went to teen mass at 6:15
  • I got to the 8 o'clock mass
  • We had a good time at our Socratic discussion meeting
  • Went to tennis; beautiful weather today; warm
  • Vegged out at home; had a come and get it yourself kind of dinner
  • Rick read some more of the Rebecca books to B
  • J read Lord of the Flies
  • S is reading The Search for Delicious. He seems to be really enjoying it. It is a slightly harder chapter book for him.
  • W tried find some friends to go out with. He is a restless 17 yo who wants to be out on Friday and Sat. nights. He went out by himself to this new coffeehouse nearby but then came home early. He was really tired from not going to bed early all week and then getting up for such an early Mass. He fell asleep before we said night prayers! We had to wake him to join us.

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