Friday, October 2, 2009

Journal weekend 10/2-10/4

  • Poor W got up early with J to drive to the 6:15 a.m. teen Mass on Friday but got horribly lost and spent the next TWO HOURS driving around! Oh my goodness!
  • So I was planning to go to the 9 a.m. Mass with B and S but when W finally came home he brought doughnuts and B burst into tears at the thought of not being able to eat one until after Mass. so I caved and we never went to Mass. I think maybe we'll do our daily Mass on Thursdays at noon and I'll try to make it to the 6:15 Mass on first Fridays with the teens.
  • Spent most of the morning vacuuming, tidying, etc and getting read for Socratic Discussion group @ 10:30 a.m.
  • Had our first discussion group. I think it went okay; younger group was a bit wild!
  • Went to tennis
  • on Sat. - W went to piano lesson; I drove him because he was afraid to get lost and he didn't want to be late!
  • R read lots of Rebecca and The Sea of Monsters to B and S
  • J watched lots of his anime series he's been watching for weeks on youtube.
  • J mowed the lawn
  • R and B went to guitar shop and Foxes to repair W's electric guitar
  • S played at Joseph's - apparently wii sports complex and now S is hinting broadly that he'd like it for his b-day or Christmas! He especially liked the archery.
  • S and his friend hiked from his house to ours which is a good 45 minutes. Then they had a picnic by the pond behind our house.
  • B played a lot with our next door neighbors.
  • Went out to dinner with R for early celebration of his birthday
  • Sunday - J finally finished the last episode of his anime series. Yoohoo! I get my son back!
  • J did about 3/4 of his Algebra lesson
  • W was in youth Mass choir (playing acoustic guitar) - went to practice @ 4:30. We all went to Mass at 6. Afterward W, J and S stayed to make cookies for the prison ministry. W drove them all home afterward.
  • R read more Rebecca to B
  • J came home and finished Algebra lesson
  • R read Harry Potter to S while I read By Boston Bay to B.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

They got lost going to Mass? How is that even possible? Is he driving himself to community college?