Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10 Wednesday


Said decade at breakfast

Read from Book of Marvels about Grand Canyon

W and H took their chemistry test

J-piano practice, lesson and half of math, Latin translations re: accusative case also vocab review.

B and S - sangs songs, S read two pages in reader, played outside.

Went to noon mass. Came home, made grilled cheese for lunch. Worked with Josh on his Classical Writing. Took S and B to VT. B read a little in her reader but then tired of it quickly. Saw Jeanmarie Devolites Davis coming out of the building! Told her I was going to vote for her. She said thanks very nicely!

Came home, told J to read his history lesson. Took a shower. Norm the guitar teacher was here. W practices guitar all the time, H never. Maybe we need two guitars? H was working at piano though practicing music for her choir event this weekend.

Took B and S to gymnastics. S and I went to Starbucks as is becoming our routine, while B was in her class. He talked and talked about music. While he was in his class B and I ran to Marshalls and got her some fall clothing which she direly needs. J went to chess club. Picked him up on the way home. H got dinner for us, roast chicken, fresh baked bread and fruit salad.

Yummy. H just took W to CLC.

B, J and S are in front of the tube now. I'm chillin'! 7:40 p.m. R is in California for the week.

H called me from where she was waiting for W's CLC to be finished. She wanted to know which Canterbury Tale to read. She's got the Miller's Tale.

Read more Sir Lancelot to J. Read Why Noah Chose the Dove to B and S. J read more Rolf.

I started reading Mark Twain's Joan of Arc.

Here's my reading schedule. Brit Lit reading: F, S, Sun, M. T, W, Th other reading. I still want to spend 10 minutes a day in spiritual reading. I am hoping that starting off with just 10 minutes will make it happen and then somehow I can expand on that.

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