Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Slow start. It is always hard to get going in the a.m. after a 3 day weekend.

Said rosary.

J - practiced piano, took math test and did next lesson, reviewed Latin vocabulary and studied accusative case.

W - read Knight's Tale and studied Chemistry, practiced guitar

H - went to library to read. She just read Sparknotes but found really interesting site on rules of chivalry.

B and S - songs, mental math, B worked from reader, S - VT and read from reader. I read them both Bible story - Tower of Babel

B & S Played on computer and watched tv while Lit/Hist. went on.

In class we learned about Edward I and II, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce of Scotland and Llewellyn of Wales. Discussed Chaucer and Knight's Tale. We decided each teen is going to read a different Canterbury Tale for next class. 4 kids are doing the Robert Southwell unit study while Peter and Katie are doing Shakespeare. Peter picked Hamlet and Katie picked Much Ado About Nothing as the plays they will focus on. Really good class this time. Lots of discussion. These kids know a lot of stuff!!!

I want to make dinner on the early side. 5:30 or so. H and W need to take their chemistry test this evening. I also want to read Sophie's World to them. R has been reading Sean Spiderwick which is all about fairies. I think I'll read English fairy tales to S while R is gone. B I've just been reading picture books. She hasn't been interested in any chapter books lately. Must remember to read to J and also have him read Rolf.

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