Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday 10/26

H and W got up at 5:30 a.m. to take breakfast and go to 6:15 a.m. teen mass. My alarm went off at 5:25 but I turned it off. The next thing I knew B was in bed with me and it was 8:19 a.m. Holy cow, I haven't slept that late in ages. Very dark, gloomy, rainy weather. Wonderful for the drought and sleeping late!

Got up quickly and got J up. He had St. George Club today. That's 9 o'clock mass, talk with Fr. D. and then since it's raining they went bowling.

Took shower, finished addressing postcards, gathered library books. Went to Starbucks and got breakfast, then library to pay incredible fine for late books, then post office to mail off postcards. Kids helped me stamp and mail them. Then we stopped at Great Harvest and bought cheese bread and challah. Came home, B and S got books out on gymnnastics and starting trying out different things.

J is home now with bunch of boys; playing downstairs.

H and W must have gone to Chemistry early. Did W tag along?

H and W came home and ate. Nice visit with I. The St. George boys came to play so we had a slew of young gentleman running around the house and playing pool downstairs. B went over to neighbors house to play. She's had a regular playdate there at 3 every Friday for several weeks.

S went over to Joseph's house to play. St. George boys went home. J is playing on the computer. W has been on the computer as well and practicing guitar. Now he's outside in the rain wandering around the backyard. It has been a very gray rainy day all day.

B came home. We watched Angel Force on EWTN and now she's watching recorded Wayside school shows. H was trying to nap.

H and W are going to see movie Bella tonight.

9:18 p.m. R just got home. I sat at the PC for a couple of hours whiling away time researching how to start up a school. Really I'm thinking more of a resource center type thing. That's been my daydream the last couple of days. The kids have been giving me their input.

For dinner, I made broiled fish. We had the challah from the bakery and applesauce to go with it. B had strawberries. W practiced his guitar some more. He loves to play that thing! W wanted to say the rosary after dinner since we hadn't said it earlier. W, B and me said it, J started but then left after the first decade but H joined us on the 3rd. After that W took a shower. I read B a couple books from the library. Then S came up and said he wanted to learn to draw. He got the drawing bug yesterday out of the blue. He showed me a cartoon picture he had copied. Pretty good! I found Mark Kistler's site on line and S tried to draw the rocket pencil of the 1st lesson. I kept telling J to practice his pieces for the recital tomorrow. He's great with one but not so hot on the other. But right now R is reading to them all from Wayside. Actually they all decided to get in their PJs and then daddy would read to them.

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