Monday, October 8, 2007

10/8 Columbus Day

Recap of weekend

Sat. - J and S had piano lessons; H went to choir and then shopping. She was gone most of the day. B watched tv, etc. Friday was good for her though, she played with kids at tennis then at the neighbors houses all afternoon and evening. I went to Curves.

I went shopping for R's dinner, so I got grocery shopping over with. I read lots of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Made flank steak with garlic wine sauce, mash potatoes, caesar salad.

Sunday - we went to 10 o'clock mass. though H went to 8:15. Then breakfast. Came home, tidied bedrooms. Took B, S and J to a talk given by author of books on classical music. That was cool. Came home and relaxed. The car H drives got a flat. R filled the tire. R and I went out to dinner for his b-day. We were supposed to go with friends but the have the stomach flu.

Hmm, just had words with H who is mad that I put her clothes in the dryer which weren't supposed to go in there. I have told her before to put up a big sign if she can't keep an eye on it herself so that no one else goes in but she didn't. She has basically hogged the laundry room all weekend. Then she said something really snotty to me about it. Ugh, teenagers make me so mad. So inconsiderate and self-centered.

R was going to take whichever kids wanted fishing today, but the weather looks a bit overcast and icky. Math tutor is coming today but instead of math with J and W, she's going to help W study chemistry. W got a zero on one quiz and a 53 on another and he has a big take home test to do tomorrow. He is not enjoying chemistry.

R took only B fishing. The other kids weren't interested so it turned into a father/daughter date. J and S did lots of screen, played outside, etc. Very relaxing day for me. I decided to just take it easy. Read lots of The Knight's Tale but didn't get it finished. H was out in a.m. learning to change a tire. W read and also did some chemistry with tutor. H went to a party and was gone all day.

Evening - watched some of more of the Office with R.

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