Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday 10/30

Woke after 8. Had terrible migraine all night. Still have it now at 10:54 but I haven't gotten sick to my stomach which is a blessing.

H and W got up and went to 9:00 mass and then chemistry.

Everybody slept late except R who went to work on the earlish side.

I let B and S watch more TV, ick way too much screen time lately while I got my bearings and took a shower.

J took a shower as well.

Breakfast was English muffins and tea.

Said 2 decades of the rosary. Then I read the next chapter in Kat Finds a Friend. Now B and S are upstairs listening to The Glass Elevator on cd.

J and did part of his review section of FMMA and now he's working on math homework. I'm about to prepare for the Brit Lit class.

I read all about Robert Southwell and wrote up an outline for my class. Headache didn't go away until about 11:30.

Tidied up house and got everybody the very basic rudiments of lunch.

Class went really well. I gave a little lecture about Southwell and had some good discussion going. We broke for scones and then read The Burning Babe aloud. Then we watched the next show in A History of Britian. All about Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. Mary had such a terrible life!

After class was over I collapsed. I have been puttering about both in the house and on the computer not doing anything very constructive. My brain feels fried. H ran some errands, W is on the computer. I have no idea where J even is!!!!! B and S have been alternately watching TV, playing and running around outside.

I plan to whip up some kind of pasta dish for dinner and read the next chapter of Sophie's World to the teens. H has Theology of the Body this evening. We also need to focus on costumes for All Saints Day and I've got to come up with potluck stuff for tomorrow's Halloween party as well as All Saints. Haven't planned anything in that regard! I think we might go shopping for all this tomorrow morning then come home and carve the pumpkin. I have a drs appt at 1 and then maybe VT at 2:30; H and W have guitar lessons. Then I'll cook for the potluck. Kids can work on their All Saints costumes.

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