Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday 10/29

Woke nice and early! Actually felt rested.

S got up early too so we chatted a bit. He was getting excited about planning a chain reaction machine. Made him take a bath and wash his hair.

W got up. H slept in very late. But got up just in time to make it to Spanish class which she is now auditing. There was supposed to be a test today but apparently because she's auditing she can't take.

Said rosary with W, J and S. B came in for the last decade. Very grumpy.

Breakfast - cereal and hot rolls. J dawdled terribly about finishing up his math homework. W worked on his math as well, not very productively.

Did a little mental math with B and S. B wanted to count by 2's, 6's and 3's. Did rounding to the nearest 100th with S. Then reviewed briefly the different phonics rules S has done so far this year:

  1. words with silent '-K

  2. words with double 'ee's

  3. rules for adding -ed and -ing to e c-v-c words as well as words ending with silent e

  4. compound words

  5. adding -ed and -ing to words ending in -y

  6. words with -ay

  7. words with -igh

Math tutor just arrived. J did finish most of his homework before she arrived. He had a couple problems he was shakey on. S is drawing cartoons and B has gathered up all her baby dolls and is reading them stories.

I have about 4 loads of laundry to put away right now!

4:34 p.m. - rest of the morning went quite nicely. S spent much of the morning drawing pictures, practicing gymnastics and playing piano. B played a lot with her babydoll. She pretended an old broken walkie talkie was her own cell phone and that she was a working woman with a baby! I was her babysitter and had to take care of her doll for her! She kept saying she had an important conference to go to. Then suddenly she got the bad news via her cell phone that she'd been fired! But it was okay because that meant she could stay home with the baby! Where does she get this stuff????

I made the boys clean up their room some more while I went downstairs and tidied up basement. I got my laundry (mostly) put away.

J and W finished up math with the tutor.

Cleaners came and house looks good now! We ate lunch. B played a lot on Starfall. I don't know what S and J were doing. H and W read through the next chapter in Chemistry.

After shower J and I did some Latin and history. I got very sleepy during it. B and S played outside for a while. H went for a walk and W is playing a new videogame. I'm doing more laundry.

Right now B and S are watching EWTN kids shows.

Notes on rest of the day: well, the kids pretty watched the tube for the rest of the day. Arthur, Wayside, etc. I managed to bake some chicken drumsticks for dinner but that was it! I quickly prepared for RE. J, H and I all went off to do that. W babysat S and B who watched Chicken Run. R came home and helped W with Chem.

The RE class was fun. Dr. T taught the lesson but then we played a saints bingo game that I have and it wound up being quite fun!

Came home and got little ones to bed. They want R to put them to bed because he's reading them Wayside series again. J read the next chapter in Mystery of the Periodic Table. But then he stayed up really late watching Narudo on the computer downstairs.

R, W and I stayed up until midnight watching October Sky which was an excellent movie but right around 11:30 it triggered a migraine.

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