Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday 10/3

Bad night! Stayed up late with R who was doing time for work. I watched several episodes of the Office. Very hooked! Then woke very early and couldn't get back to sleep.

Said 1 decade at breakfast.

H - showered but don't know what else she's been up to. She left early to go to mass at church where she can go to confession beforehand.

W - mostly practicing guitar and did some Latin too.

J - practiced piano and read Rolf

S and B - circle time, mental math, 3x tables, Becky did her own little math project. She drew a boat on the ocean and inside the boat she putting little number sentences to solve. She said that if she didn't answer the problems the boat would sink. Then she sat and copied all the number sentences over on a sheet of paper and answered them. This was entirely self directed. We also retold the story of the Golden Key and she practiced writing capital and lower case Es. S did VT and read two pages from reader. I gave both B and S spelling tests and both did well. I did this at the white board. S also practiced writing numbers correctly.

We took a little break while B put on a puppet show for us with the little spoon angels we made yesterday. Very cute. Next we wrote a letter to our foster child Michielina in Kenya. S is especially taken with learning about Kenya now. He is trying to figure out how to print out a family picture from the computer so we can include it in our letter.

But now it is time to get ready for Mass. Rec. 11:36

Went to Mass; came home, ate lunch. Had the usual mad rush to VT, guitar lessons, gymnastics, chess and CLC for W. Crazy! Rick came home in time for dinner though and helped make it. So it was nice to have a family dinner on a weeknight.

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