Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday 10/15

Woke at 7:00 - put on dishwasher, tidied up a bit, started laundry. House is a wreck!!!! Heated up rolls for breakfast. Got kids up: W, J and S all showered/washed hair. R went to work early.

Read All of a Kind Family, said two decades of rosary. W working on math, J too. Didn't do any math homework for tutor, Yikes, how'd that happen????? S and B school - sang songs, worked with telling time with S. Reviews adding -ed to words ending in -y, introduced new spelling words and reviewed capitalization and punctuation rules. S did loose lens exercise with reader, read two pages. Also did Brock string exercise. B played with Montessori objects and beginning sound cards. Also wrote capital and lower case Fs in her MLbook.

Made trail mix for snack. Tutor got here 1/2 hour late. Still working with J at the moment. Then will work with W. Need to check with him. B, S and I are going to do sundial project now.

Had lunch; completely forgot to say the rest of the rosary then! Worked a lot with J after lunch. Latin, Classical Writing. H and I sat and worked through her lesson in Spanish then she made vocabulary cards. She also prepared her lesson for tonight's RE class. I took shower. W was suppposed to be working on his chemistry. He got a 66 on his last chem test. He is flunking out of the class. I spent time trying to organize things for J and riding on W to keep working. He also did some Latin. I just have to keep better oversight for those two kids! J read his history and practiced piano. I read for my RE class.

We checked our sundials twice more before I took them in as it was getting dark.

Made penne alfredo and italian sausage. I just sliced up some apple for a side dish. Ate out on the porch. Read about St. Teresa of Avila. to everybody at dinner.

J, H and I all left for RE class. The boys were rude and disruptive in class but I still think they listened somewhat. J is completely quiet in the class.

Came home, R was working on chem with W. S was watching Harry Potter II movie. B was putting herself to bed! She'd gotten into her nightgown. She announced was tired. I made her brush her teeth and then read her a chapter from Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Said prayers with her. Now it is very late 10:01 and S is still up! But the movie will be over in a couple minutes. Then it's off to bed with him.

J needs to finish Rolf up. Let me go find him. I need to read more Cantebury Tales.

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