Friday, October 12, 2007

10/12 Friday

What a great day!

Only got a decade in this a.m. Went on a nature hike with Waldorf group. Beautiful day. B was in much better mood than yesterday morning. H and W got up early and went to 6:15 a.m. Mass. I couldn't go because R's not here. He's coming home tonight.

Bought lunch at Whole Foods and then went to tennis. I am a rotten tennis player but I still like playing it. J went with Manuel to Mattie's birthday party. W came home after tennis and played computer game. H lost her wallet this a.m. but police called. Someone had turned it in. However, it must have gotten run over because all the cards, etc are bent/chipped. Ugh! But at least no one stole anything which is a miracle!

R gets in around 5:30 or 6:30. S is busy picking out klezmer tunes on recorder. He really has a gift for music.

I love days where the weather is lovely and we spend hours outdoors.

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