Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday 10/2

Got a good night's sleep! Hurray!

Woke, got laundry rolling, unloaded dishwasher. Read some Canterbury Tales. Got kids up, J showered. We said the rosary and read a letter from our sponsored child in Kenya.

At breakfast I read some about the Grand Canyon from BofM. W and H left early to go to Mass and chemistry. They were nervous about a test. After breakfast circle time, sang songs. Talked about Feast of the Guardian Angels. did mental math and some VT. The story in S's reader was about Guardian Angels!!!!!! That wasn't planned at all!

We made angels out of spoons, paper, glue and yarn. S. listened to Greensleeves on the keyboard and figured out how to play it. J did 2 lessons in Math and read a chapter in Rolf and the Viking Bow.

While digging through stuff found a library book about kitchen angels by Tomie de Paola. We read that. S and B really enjoyed it.

J finished his crossword puzzle in Latin wkbk. We also covered study questions for Genseric the Vandal.

After lunch we had Brit Lit and History. We watched the movie Becket. Too much sexual innuendo between that and Taming of the Shrew last week I feel like I am corrupting innocent sensibilities. We discussed very hurriedly the study questions for The General Prologue.

B, S and J watched waaaayyy too much tv all during Lit and then afterwards as I went into zombie mode on pc and then took a long shower. Everybody begged for pizza for some reason We usually have that on Thurs. So we got pizza. Ate on porch. I read chapter of Sophie's World to H and W.

Cleaned up kitchen. Read Bible story to S and B and some Sir Lancelot to J. Also read next fairy tale from OM to B and S.

H has been studying Spanish. she has a test on Thursday with an incredible about of memorization on it. R is reading S Spiderwick.

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