Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wed. 10/24

11:25 a.m.

Woke late, 7:15. Cloudy, rainy day.

Took a while to get everyone moving. S and W took showers. W led two decades before breakfast. We planned our day. H is interested in learning phil and Theology more systematically because of last nights Theo. of the Body class. W practiced lots of guitar.

After breakfast. S and B played on and pbskids. J practiced piano (has recital this Sat.) but didn't do his math.

I read next chapter of Sophie's World to teens. Made outline of what we're learning.

Worked with J on Latin. Made paradigm flashcards. He reviewed some vocab flashcards and then translated 5 sentences. Also we did study questions on Clovis for history. H took shower and read CCC. W worked on Latin on computer for 45 min.

2:52 p.m. Went to noon Mass. Said the rest of the rosary on the way home. H and W went out to get pizza for lunch. S had tuna, I ate the last 3 chix taquitos. Took a shower. Took S to VT all set to have a reading lesson w/B while we waited but she wasn't there again. I thought maybe there was just a mix up last week, but why isn't she there this week???????? Strange. I am going to e-mail her. I hope nothing is wrong.

Guitar teacher is here. I told J to work on his Nanowrimo workbook before I left. Need to hunt him up and see what he's doing. He also needs to do his math homework.

W helped J with math. I think it had to do with coordinates. J decided that he wanted to try to write a page a day (double spaced) M -F as his goal for the Young Writer's Project. He's got a story in mind which sounds pretty cool!

Took B and S to gymnastics. S and I went to costume store and bought Halloween costume supplies. Haven't quite finished yet. S is going to be Harry Potter and St. John the Evangalist. Don't have the St. John costume together yet. B is going to be a bride and St. Veronica. Need to work on both costumes. J has everything he needs I believe.

Picked up J at chess club. Came home and made bacon and eggs. Took W to CLC. H was had a babysitting job. Came home and made more bacon (turkey kind this time). Kids played on computer and dressed up in their Halloween costumes. R came home. Made him bacon and eggs. Said prayers. R read Wayside to kids. S read me a chapter 2 page chapter from the book.

I assigned Mystery of the Periodic Table to J and Uncle Tungsten to W.

I read a bit of Joan of Arc. I am going too slowly through that book, need to read more. R and I talked late into the night about religion and stuff. Didn't get enough sleep!

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