Thursday, October 25, 2007

10/25 Thursday

Woke early - worked on ideas for novel. Took a long time for everyone to get down for breakfast. Never got rosary said. Hoping for lunchtime after math tutor leaves. Spent a lot of time this a.m. making phone calls, looking for things, chatting, waiting for R to leave. He's going to see his mom. S kept playing Greensleeves on piano. We looked it up and saw a version written by Henry VIII which amazed S. B and I spent a while looking for a veil for her wedding costume.

H got up early for mass and Spanish. She wants to audit the course and take it for real next semester. She's getting a C- in right now which the teacher didn't think was bad and thought she could pull it up to a B but she feels like the course goes so fast and she doesn't have a good enough grasp on it as it is.

W and J worked on finishing up math homework. B and S and I went downstairs. B wanted to do mental math first. We wound up working on the white erase board adding numbers up to ten. Then I did the next mental math with S which was writing out numbers and identifying place value of different numbers. We also worked on rounding to the nearest tens. He liked it.

Then S and B and I sang songs. Kept getting interrupted by the phone. After that we reviewed -igh sound and S did short exercise in LLATL on ight words. Fill in the blank. B and I reviewed 5 words she'd learn so far. Me, jump, said, look and ride. I went over all the phonics rules for each and we sounded them out. Then B wanted to knit, we got out a kit but it was too complicated and I couldn't find my 1st grade OM teachers book for simpler instructions. S wanted to paint which was amazing because he never wants to paint. So we got all the paints out and he started working then B joined him. S got out the Cartooning book and started teaching himself how to draw faces.

J finished his math and then listened to music on the computer. W keeps practicing Smells Like Teen Spirit on the guitar. Sounds pretty cool. J is now with the math tutor.

I am starting lunch right now. Want to: read aloud at lunch, say rosary, watch October Sky movie (dreary, dreary weather out). Also, I am going to have an official reading time this afternoon. W needs to work on chemistry. But he can read as can J their science books. I want to read aloud next OM fairy tale and a couple more Bible stories to B and S. I also want to review Latin and History with J this afternoon.

We have to bring breakfast to the 6:15 Mass tomorrow.

H starts her first SAT Prep course this evening.

I forgot about the teen rosary this afternoon. H and W went to it. J and I watched first half of October Sky, a movie about a coal miner's high school son who became enchanted with rockets after Sputnik.

In the evening I read the next fairy tale from OM to S and B and also the next few bible stories on Isaac and Rebekah.

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