Monday, October 1, 2007

Oct 1 - Feast of St. Therese of the Little Flower

Lots of religious feasts this week. Today is St. Therese, tomorrow is the feast of the Guardian Angels, Oct. 4th is St. Francis of Assisi and then on Friday it's Rick's birthday. Well, that's not a religious feast exactly but close!

This week I would just like to focus on establishing my new housekeeping goals and doing things revolving around these feasts. Also, I'd like to get academic stuff done simply by doing as much as we can in the a.m. what happens, happens and I'm not going to sweat what doesn't happen! H and W had very busy weekends and I think didn't get enough schoolwork done. I completely forgot that Josh had math homework and forgot to remind him. So he's got lots to do before the tutor comes. I keep forgetting he's with the tutor now. I'll get them all up at 7:30.

Religious stuff - read from Seton 1 Religion about the angels, find beads so we can make sacrifice beads. We are just up to Noah's Ark in the Bible. I'm thinking of doing a Waldorf Style drawing of Noah's Ark on the chalkboard downstairs.

Circle time - new songs for October. Hail Holy Queen and My Grandfather's Clock. We are also going to read poems about time from Live Ed and Journey Through Time. J will have mostly math, some Latin and he's got to rewrite The Good Samaritan. We''ll do history tomorrow.


Did circle time. Did 3 x table with Sean, mental math and then went over adding patterns with B. Did a little VT with S. Also did a little reading with both S and B. Made S do copywork which caused a meltdown. S was in a bad mood all morning after that; provoked a nasty fight with J. Then kept obsessively doing gymnastics because he wants to be as good as B. Constantly asking me to look at him and then tell him how good he is.

H went to Spanish and then is running errands. W did math homework and then math with tutor. J did the same. J did a little Latin afterwards in his workbook but he wasn't focusing so I said he could stop. The cleaners were here and that always feels so disruptive. We watched some old Michael Jackson videos and then B played on Noggin for a while. People ate lunch when they got hungry. I started reading a book on Moms with ADD. Feel very ADD today!

B and S pulled out old Dance, Dance Revolution and want to set it up. W is practicing guitar. J is reading upstairs. I think it's Dilbert.

Right now I need to 1) put laundry away 2) go to Curves 3)pick up R's medicine 4)come home and prepare for RE tonight as well as make dinner.

10:12 p.m. Well, I did all of the above listed except make dinner! Yeah the kids wound up eating ramen noodles and hot dogs for dinner.

I'm very proud of myself for going to Curves today. I really, really didn't want to go. But I did and I feel good!

S is really starting to cartwheel correctly and he figured out how to doing the flying back flip like B so he's soaring about his gymnastics. He worked on it all day with great intensity. The kids also played on the Dance Dance Revolution. I didn't do my usual limits on screen because basically I was too preoccupied with other things. Tomorrow will be better, excep the kids have screen time while I have the teens Lit class.

J, H and I went to RE. I am so glad that Dr. Tony is teaching and I'm just assisting. He's great. So learned and devout. And those rowdy PS boys need a man to direct them. But inspite of their rowdiness they are asking good questions. They're good kids. J is reading Rolf and the Viking Bow. Rick is home and doing his time for work while W works on chemistry. H is upstairs working on her chemistry. B wanted to read a bit more out of the First Steps reader after I got home, so she read a page. She's feeling pretty good about this reading business!

Now I have to read The General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales so I can actually discuss it with the teens tomorrow.

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