Friday, October 5, 2007

Oct 5th, Rick's birthday

Wow, it's 11:56 and I feel totally groggy. I just haven't enough sleep all week and it finally caught up with me. Got up for 6:15 mass this a.m. That was great but I simply can't exist on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night!!!!!

Came home from mass and felt so out of it. H went to a SAT II chem class. W came home to do the rest of his chem homework. Everybody else slept in. When R came down at 8:30 everybody was still sleeping. W, B and S gave their cards to R. S started crying because R didn't read the card right. He's in one of his hypersensitive moods. Ugh. J didn't even make a card. I notice he is really super moody and it is also lack of sleep because he stays up so late reading. I have got to get that under control.

So this a.m. I've just been puttering around mainly. Did some laundry. B and S have been watching Arthur, playing on the computer and practicing gymnastics. S practiced some card tricks but then got mad at J cuz J knew the secret of his card trick. J and I did a little bit of Latin but then I started to fall asleep. He's been really resistant about rewriting his composition, so I've decided to chuck that and we'll start anew on Monday or maybe Tuesday since Monday is Columbus Day.

Dave came by to see how the gardeners did yesterday. The yard looks terrific.

Would it be wimpy to bow out of tennis lessons today? I feel so run down and I feel like I have to save my energy for tonight because we're hosting a teen movie night, planned many weeks ago. I'd rather nap! It is very muggy out and I think I'll wilt in this weather. I am kind of praying for rain. The mosquitos are out in droves. I just don't want to play tennis today! Waaaahhhhh!

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