Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday 10/17


Been a chaotic morning. Woke late, got really involved in planning Am. Studies for next year and didn't get anybody up until almost 9! They've been staying up so late at night. Bad habits rearing their ugly heads!

Said 2 decades of the rosary. Really hard getting everyone settled. Had spat with H over college and her not working hard enough on her studies. I just don't want to spend all that money so that she can have a good time but not really work at her studies. So I told her the ball was in her court. If she wants to go to a private Catholic away college, she's has to make good grades in her high school coursework. That must have left me in an irriated frame of mind. Then poor B is constipated so she's been suffering great melodrama from this. I wound up putting her the tub. Then when we went downstairs to start school, we uncovered the garter snake that's been living in our basement. W tried to catch it. I lost my temper badly about everything, basically motherhood. Then I calmed down and said we were just going to play. But B wanted to put the sundials out again (didn't do it yesterday because the pool table truck was parked in the driveway most of the morning/early afternoon.

H showered and I have no idea what else she's been doing. (she told me later she'd been working on Spanish).

W practiced guitar, did some math and goofed off, besides catching and releasing a snake.

J practiced piano, did some Latin and also some math.

At some point earlier, S did read to me from his reader. I just read this to B.

We are leaving for noon mass in about 25 minutes.

3:06 p.m. Before mass I read B the book 12 Ways to Get to Eleven, which is a fun adding book. We were late for Mass (again!) BUT the priest was 15 minutes late so it turned out okay. H was really sad and cried on the way. I feel paradoxically too hard on her and too easy at the same time. Mass was very uplifting. Remembered to finish saying the rosary on the way home.

Got home, showered, did history with J on St. Benedict and Pope St. Gregory the Great.

Took J (and B) to VT but Dr. Malhotra wasn't there! Did she cancel or tell me beforehand????? Very unlike her. But I did a tiny bit of reading with B while we waited. I always bring her little reader with us just in case she wants to do a little one on one reading with me.

H is learning the theme song to Beauty and the Beast on guitar. The guitar teacher is here now. W's lesson is over. W's making himself a sandwich then hopefully he will now do Latin or math homework.

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