Friday, October 12, 2007


Didn't say rosary, boo hoo! Another snake in basement! This one slithered into the little pump closet when I tried to stop it with a broom. Will stuffed the bottom of the door with old blanket. Have no idea if that will contain it. Maybe they come in through the pump closet??????

Took S and B on Claude Moore Colonial Farm Fieldtrip.

J and W did math with Mrs. Boyd.

In p.m. worked with J on Latin, history, and Classical Writing

B & S played all afternoon: screen, played outside, played with neighbor, gymnastics

W did some Latin, he's not working steadily enough on that, no momentum there. He practiced guitar a lot and played his new computer game, whatever it is!

H????? Don't know what she did all day at all!

Read The Red Shoes from Hans Christian Anderson to B & S also the story of Abram from Bible.

Read more about Sir Lancelot to J. He practiced piano and then read lots of Rolf. Told him to finish by Monday. S started writing a lovely little piece on piano.

Went to Curves finally. First time this week! I am really enjoying Joan of Arc by Twain.

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